Topic: Top Ranking Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters, Importers in Punjab

Top Ranking Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters, Importers in Punjab Zone

    Adam Fabrics (Pvt) Ltd. (Printed Fabrics & Bedlinen)
    Al Wadood Textile (Camping & Mounteneering Equipment)
    Al-Haram Enterprises (Scarfs, Swiss Lawns, Womens Traditional Fabrics)
    Ali Murtaza Associates (Pvt) Ltd. (Denim Jeans, Jackets & Shorts)
    Alpha Industries (Prop Jackets, Cargo Shorts, Spring Tees)
    Ambition Apparel (Denim Jeans & Apparel, Shorts, Coveralls, Short-alls, Jackets, Skirts, Cargos)
    Amin Enterprises (Socks)
    Arfa International (Denim, Woven, Knitted Top & Bottoms)
    Aruj Garment Accessories Ltd. (Shirt Collars & Cuffs)
    Azgard Nine Limited (Readymade Garments)
    BHS Apparel
    Body Media International (Pvt) Ltd. (Denim Garments)
    Canter (Pvt) Ltd. (Workwear)
    Chaudhry Fabrics (Institutional Bedlinen & Hospitality Garments)
    Cotton Comfort (Pvt) Ltd. (Denim Jeans & Woven Garments)
    Cotton Plus (Woven Garments, Sports Socks)
    Cotton Web (Pvt) Ltd. (Trousers, Shorts, Skirts, Jackets & Denim Garments)
    Delta Garments Ltd. (Jeans & Jackets)
    Denim Plus Pvt. Ltd. (Denim Garments)
    Eagle Textiles (Denim Jeans)
    Elegant (Pvt) Ltd. (Socks, Shoes & Leather Products)
    Escort International (Yarns & Fabrics)
    Faaz International (Denim Jeans)
    Farooq Garments (Workwear)
    Fine Garments Industries (Workwear, Denim Garments, Racewear, Chefwear, Hospitalwear & Embroidery Patches)
    Forte Apparel (Trousers & Jeans)
    Generation (Womens Traditional Wear)
    Gibraltar (SMC) Pvt. Ltd. (Greige Fabric)
    Great Fame Clothing Company (Womens Wear & Denim Jeans)
    Hanif Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd. (Carpets & Rugs)
    High-Tech Agencies (Socks & Stockings)
    Hou-Lin International (Socks)
    Humera Fabrics (Knit Garments & Knit Fabrics)
    Immi Garments (Pvt) Ltd. (Workwear, Hospitalwear, Chefwear & Fashionwear)
    Indigo Fashion Centre (Pvt.) Ltd. (Jeans)
    J.F. Enterprises (Pvt.) Ltd. (Denim Garments)
    Jehanzeb Fabrics (Pvt.) Ltd. (Thermal Undergarments, Rugby Shirts, Sweat Shirts)
    Kamal Hosiery Mills Ltd. (Socks)
    Khurshid Textile Mills (Home Textiles, Hotel Textiles, Hospital Textiles & Terry Towels)
    Kingways International (Pvt.) Ltd. (Sportswear)
    Kohinoor Mills Ltd. (Apparel Fabrics)
    Leathertex Gloving (Pvt) Ltd. (Workwear)
    Leathertex Gloving (Pvt.) Ltd. (Workwear, Leather & Gloves)
    Marshal Business Associates (Sportswear)
    Master Textile Mills Ltd. (Twill Jeans, Workwear, Home Textiles, Comforters, Bedspreads)
    Mr. Denim (Pvt) Ltd. (Denim Garments)
    Musterhaft (Pvt) Ltd. (Casual & Protectivewear)
    N.J. Garments (Sportswear)
    Naeem Textile Mills (Pvt) Ltd. (Woven Garments, Jeans, Trousers)
    Nayyer Industries (Pvt.) Ltd. (Garment Interlining)
    Nishat Mills Ltd. (Trousers, Shirts, Workwear, Bedlinen)
    Pak Winz International (Sportswear)
    Paramount Spinning Mills Ltd. (Yarns, Fabrics, Apparel, Home Textiles)
    Pensy Garments (Pvt) Ltd. (Men, Women & Children Wear)
    Rafique Garments (Men, Women & Children Wear)
    Rakaposhi Traders (Sports Socks)
    Reet Readymade Garments (Ladies Traditional Garments)
    Saba Textile Industries (Home Textiles, Yarn Dyed Shirts, Trousers & Shorts)
    Saftex (Pvt.) Ltd. (Sportswear)
    Sapphire Finishing Mills Ltd. (Trousers, Jackets, Overalls, Home Textiles, Yarns)
    Shaffa International (Gloves, Garments, Home Textiles)
    Shafi Texcel Limited (Apparel & Technical Textiles)
    Smmar International (Sportswear)
    Source International (Woven & Knit Garments)
    Star Sportswear (Polo Shirts, T-shirts, Knitted Garments)
    Stitch Craft (Pvt.) Ltd. (Denim Fabric & Garments)
    Stitch N Style (Pvt.) Ltd. (Sportswear)
    Stylers International (Pvt) Ltd. (Denim Garments)
    Sum Apparel (Pvt) Ltd. (Denim Jeans)
    Sunny Textiles (Pvt) Ltd. (Denim Garments, T-Shirts, Polo Shirts, Tank Tops, Hoods)
    Taj Processing Industries (Pvt.) Ltd.
    Technical Textiles (Protective Textiles, Medical Textiles, Military Textiles & Industrial Textiles)
    Top Trade Clothing (Denim Garments)
    Tradimpex (Pvt) Ltd. (Natural and Synthetic Fibers & Yarns, Garment Accessories)
    U.S. Apparel & Textiles (Pvt) Ltd. (Men, Women & Children Garments)
    United Tex (Garments)
    Versatile International (T-Shirt, Polo Shirt, Henley Shirt, Raglan Shirt, Tanktop, Bikini, Shorts, Pants & Hoods)
    W.E Apparel (Pvt) Ltd. (Bottomwear)
    W.E. Apparel (Pvt.) Ltd. (Denim Jeans & Jackets)
    Widezone International Company (Woven, Knit Garments & Home Furnishing)
    Z.F. Enterprises (Jeans & Sportswear)

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